Welcome to Cerami’s documentation!

Cerami is a python library that hopefully provides some sanity to boto3’s DynamoDB client. Its intended use is as a library to help define table data through the creation of models and create sane, readable, and reproducable DynamoDB requests.

As an example:

import boto3
from cerami import Cerami
from cerami.datatype import String
from cerami.decorators import primary_key

dynamodb = boto3.client('dynamodb')
db = Cerami(dynamodb)

# Configure a Model
class Book(db.Model):
    __tablename__ = "Books"
    title = String()
    author = String()

Book.scan.filter(Book.author == "Dav Pilkey").execute()
# Replaces
    FilterExpression="#a = :author",
    ExpressionAttributeNames={"#a": "author"},
    ExpressionAttributeValues={":author": {"S": "Dav Pilkey"}})

Book.query.key(Book.title == 'Captain Underpants').execute()
# Replaces
    KeyConditionExpression="#t = :title"
    ExpressionAttributeNames={"#t": "title"}
    ExpressionAttributeValues={":title": {"S": "Captain Underpants"}})

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